• La Quinta CA,

To all Guest(s), Event Planners and Vendors, rules are no fun but we appreciate you taking the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines, which will also assist you in expediting the reservation process. We wish you a safe, seamless and memorable Event.

Primary Guest must be at least 25 years of age. At the time of Agreement signatures, Guest/Representative agrees to pay an initial non-refundable deposit of 50% of the rental cost including taxes and fees, which will secure the venue for the date of the special event. Due dates for all subsequent payments will be in accordance with the Agreement.
Payments can be made by check, wire transfer or credit card*.
There is a 3.5% processing fee on all credit card charges.
Security Deposit will be 10% of the rental cost before tax and fees and due 30 days prior to event.
Deposit will be refunded in its entirety 14 days after the event, provided there are no damage deductions. Please be advised Management may take video documentation of the premises before commencement of event set up.

We understand that unfortunately these complications can occur. Date modification request or cancellation must be submitted in writing by Guest/Event Planner and receipt by venue Manager confirmed. Hacienda Giannini will do our utmost to re-rent the Estate. When the new reservation has been secured by deposit, applicable refunds in accordance with the Agreement will be issued. With regards to both reservation date changes and cancellation, should the event date(s) not be re-reserved, any expenses including but not limited to non-refundable and non-transferable deposits and fees are the sole responsibility of the Guest.

Guest(s) looking to extend their stay for Honeymoon or Holiday will require separate Rental Agreement.

Vehicles and Parking: All vehicles associated with the event must be parked within the designated parking areas. No vehicle shall be parked on any other surface unless approved by the Manager. Guest and event planners indemnify Hacienda Giannini for any damages sustained to event related vehicles and trailers. Sizable Events and Weddings will require Valet Service provided by Guest/Planner. Swimming Pool and Spa: Guest(s), Event Planners, Vendors release Hacienda Giannini from any and all liability. Swimming pool and spa usage are for small groups and overnight guests. For larger group Events and Weddings the pool and spa will be closed 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the festivities and will remain closed until 8 AM the following day unless otherwise negotiated in the Agreement. Failure of compliance with pool rules is subject to forfeiture of the security deposit. Barbecue/Grills; No additional barbecues and grills are to be used in or out of doors. No fires are to be started anywhere on the grounds of the venue. Use of the Great Room fireplace must be started by Venue staff.
Candles: All candles must be enclosed in glass. The flame must not reach higher than two inches below height of glass.
Restricted Areas: Climbing onto retaining walls, the hillside, through the orchard and designated restricted areas are strictly prohibited.

NOISE COMPLIANCE & DISORDERLY DISTURBANCES: Strict City Ordinances require that outdoor events and amplified music and noise levels throughout the premises must end by 11pm Friday and Saturday evenings, 10pm Sunday through Thursdaywith no exceptions. Should Law Enforcement/Emergency Services be called to the premises due to these and/or disorderly conduct violations, please be advised all parties may be evicted from the premises and Guest/Planner will be financially liable for additional penalties.

There are Main Gate cameras, VIP entry cards and key codes for the Main Entrance. An Estate Representative/Manager will be present at all times. We require the Guest/Event planner to provide a minimum of one security guard for the duration of the event.

Decorations may not be hung with tape, wire, nails or screws on the premises. All decoration attachments and furniture alterations will be agreed upon and documented in the Agreement. The lawns have underground irrigation to allow for obstacle freewalking and movement about the grounds, therefore no anchor stakes may be used. Confetti, glitter, pyrotechnics, and sparklers are not permitted anywhere inside or outside the premises. Balloons, bird seed, bubbles, natural and biodegradable products may be used in designated areas as outlined in the Agreement.

The Guest, Event Planner will be responsible for leaving the property in its original state. This is especially and respectfully required for Honeymooners and Holiday Guests who have reserved the Estate for their vacation. We appreciate your consideration in having all event areas returned to their original format and impeccably cleaned immediately after the event.

All liquor must be served by licensed and insured bar bartender. Alcohol service will end one hour before the required music and noise curfew at which time all alcohol must be relocated and placed in a secure area for removal from the premises. Alcohol may not be served to minors. Illegal substances are not allowed at any time on the premises. Drunken, disorderly and violent disturbances are subject to immediate removal from the property and possible termination of event without refund. Hacienda Giannini is a non-smoking premises. Smoking may be allowed in designated outdoor areas as set forth in the Agreement with Guest /Event Planner.

Any person under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times.

They are part of the family, and special Animals for the Event are also welcome. These would be defined in the Agreement and require a separate deposit.

Guest through the Event Planner or Caterer shall maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance including Host Liquor Liability, at an amount not less than $1,000,000 - Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. Such insurance shall name Hacienda Giannini as the additional insured and a certificate of insurance with an endorsement must be provided 30 days prior to the event. Detailed indemnifications and hold harmless policies are defined in the Agreement.

A copy of all photos and videos taken at Hacienda Giannini during the event by the Professional Photographer/Videographer will be given to the Estate for promotional purposes.